Rob Lloyd founded the company and is currently the Chairman of Eatonfield. During his employment with other property development and investment companies, he identified many profitable property acquisition opportunities that his employers decided they did not wish to pursue even though he had been able to make a strong financial and tactical case for their purchase. Confident that he could personally profit from his knowledge, he established Eatonfield Holdings Ltd in 1998 and, working from his home in Halkyn in Flintshire and using his home as security, he raised the finance he needed to start buying, refurbishing and selling the type of properties he knew had capital growth potential. From this the company has continued to develop and has recently taken-off into what promises to be a sustained period of exceptional growth.

Success Factor

The most important motivators that have contributed to success are the ability to locate property and land with development potential as a result of contacts built up in every area of the property sector. This has resulted in the company being offered very many lucrative acquisition opportunities. Also, the business has the ability to see potential in property that many others in the property development sector cannot see. This has enabled the company to acquire properties with untapped capital growth or rental potential. Eatonfield also prides itself on its price and contract terms negotiating skills which have enabled the company to purchase properties at 'the right price' and with the most favourable contract terms. Finally, through recognition of emerging trends, new property-based business opportunities, and the confidence to follow a hunch because it 'feels right' making speedy decisions and taking calculated risks, Eatonfield successfully expanding in its core areas of operation; industrial, commercial and retail sectors and also diversifying into other sectors.

The Future

Eatonfield aims to be seen as a prominent and leading investor and developer throughout the UK, with a particular emphasis on Wales. Eatonfield will build the awareness of its brand and raise its reputation, through the collective efforts of its first class team. The turnover for 2005/06 has seen a substantial increase to nearly £19 million and the forecast growth over the next five years is to achieve turnover in excess of £100 million.