BVG Airflo


Iain Burgess started at the age of 18 and had a multi million pound turnover by 20. Iain looks very young for his age and, not surprisingly, found it was difficult to get large PLCs to take him seriously. As with all start ups cash flow was also a major hurdle in the early years. For Iain, the main motivation was a desire to control his own destiny and stand or fall by his own decisions and not those imposed on him by a third party

Success Factor

BVG has a great team that constantly strives for innovation and excellence in everything it does. However, on a personal note, Iain believes that refusing to accept the advice of experts when he was sure that he knew better has enabled the business to grasp opportunities.

The Future

Whilst the business had sales of over £32million in 2005, it ultimate aim is to reach £100 million turnover and £10million pre tax profit within five years.