Ballantyne Homes


The business was started by the same South Wales entrepreneurs behind the 2004 fast growth 50 winner Opco Limited. Under Managing Director Peter Jones, the business was started to provide quality homes without compromise in the South Wales area as it was felt that there was a gap in the market for a local provider providing homes that are designed to meet and suit the lifestyles and needs of potential customers in South Wales.

Success Factor

The firm’s building expertise and strong relationships with its supply chain has allowed Ballantyne Homes to build a superior product which appeals to the discerning customer. Also, its local land buying expertise and detailed knowledge of South Wales have meant that it has purchased sites that appeal to customers and which meet the old adage of ‘location, location, location’. Finally the directors’ experience with other fast growing businesses has meant that they have been able to manage all facets of growth – process, people, control, financing and customer relationships – as Balantyne Homes has grown by over 1000 per cent in its first three years of operation.

The Future

Building on its early success and growth, Ballantyne Homes plans to develop the business to sell over 100 units per annum within two years, establishing itself as the premier local house builder in South Wales.