Wilcare Wales


The company was started with a vision of providing a higher standard of service and product than was provided within the marketplace. Additionally, the directors were aware that the country’s leading provider of bespoke products were in severe financial difficulties and was liable to collapse at any time. The first major challenge faced was the lack of financial support from the public sector, although the company was able to commence trading with the support of Barclays Bank and funding from the directors. The business also had to convince the market-place that it was going to be serious contenders with a quality product and service. Nine months into its operation, the leading provider collapsed, leaving Wilcare with an order book three times the normal order book at the time

Success Factor

The company has grown because of its commitment to high levels of quality and product combined with an ongoing commitment to research and development and the reinvesting of profits to provide increasing levels of service in all areas.

The Future

Wilcare Wales aims to expand its training programme for professionals and prescribers of its products – an innovation in this sector. It will continue to grow whilst always maintaining high standards and source new products that can be distributed via its established dealership network. It will also manufacture products for ‘competitors’, thus ensuring a high market penetration of ‘OEM’ products’ and will continue to reinvest to increase profitability and create employment.