View Creative


The company originally started from a bedroom flat in Deganwy as a part-time business mainly handling freelance work. One of the major challenges faced was that the firm did not have any business premises, due to financial constraints, and had to persuade customers to let the founders come and see them. Despite this, the portfolio was strong enough to speak for itself and the firm soon picked up the National Trust as one of its first major clients. After completing the first job for them, they were allowed to visit the company in the bedroom! In addition to no premises, View Creative also struggled to raise funds to purchase the equipment required, as the bank were not interested in supporting the venture. Major clients include IMG, Waitrose, M&S, Royal Albert Hall, Stella Artois, National Trust, Royal Mail, Imperial War Museum and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Success Factor

The main factors that have resulted in the growth of View Creative are creativity and quality of design work, a strong team and client relationships. The business Philosophy is to ensure the provision of excellence through creativity by combining quality design and experience within a considered environment. The business seeks to understand and identify the clients market and their objectives, and the work is well recognised and respected in the industry and has lead to UK and international awards for excellence. In addition, the team of designers are passionate about design and the creative industry, and are involved in other areas of creativity from music makers, textile designers, photographers, illustrators and creative writers. View Creative is a design-led business and encourages and welcome other areas of creativity to inspire the individuals. Finally, the business builds strong relationships with clients, encouraging them to get involved with the experience of visual communication. It still works with the original clients from the very early days when working from the bedroom flat. It also pride itself on repeat orders from satisfied clients demonstrating that not only can the firm maintain its creative standards, but its professional commitment to service and reliability.

The Future

Over the next few years, the firm will be expanding its web department, taking on specialists in e-marketing, software and bespoke programming to assist our existing clients and also potential new clients. In addition to the web, the business is also moving into interactive presentations, using video and real time. Another area, which is part of the expansion programme, is the continued growth of its London market and the firm is currently seeking funding to explore this area in more detail, concentrating on the arts and sports business sectors.