Trojan Electronics


As with most new companies, the most challenging part is always cash flow. The founders put together a comprehensive business plan, with shareholders investing their own money along with a bank loan and a loan from the WDA. With these in place, the firm was given the breathing space to implement its long term business objectives. The biggest challenge Trojan has faced since its inception was a fire at the factory in Swansea, which meant that not only was stock being held for customers smoke damaged but all electronics equipment and IT equipment could no longer be used. As opposed to accepting defeat, the business implemented a disaster recovery plan, which saw it up and running in a temporary smaller unit within seven days of the fire. This meant that Trojan could continue to offer a service to customers and retain the majority of clients through this time. Within four months, another temporary unit had been fitted out and was up and running offering refurbishment services. The electronics side of the business was affected the most as the business had to wait for the original building to be cleaned and replacement electronic placement equipment to be delivered, which took a further few months. Once this was done, the firm stepped up its sales and marketing activity to get Trojan back on the right tracks. With this, and the dedication of the staff, the firm has more than doubled its turnover in the last 12 months and is continuing to be awarded with more contracts whilst increasing and renewing contracts with current customers.

Success Factor

The key success factors are dedicated and well trained staff, attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality service is offered and, most importantly, delivering to customers on promises made by the firm.

The Future

With the WEEE directive soon to be made UK law, the refurbishment and recycling side of the business will continue to increase. Trojan’s aim has always been to work towards a 24hour operation enabling it to handle three times the amount of throughput compared to a single shift. Along with this, the business is extending its returns management service, with the launch of a new warranty / technical support service. The electronic sub contract manufacturing business is continuing to grow, increasing market presence through sales and marketing campaigns. Further investment will be made on new lead free and testing equipment increasing the opportunity to win more work. The full turnkey assembly is becoming very popular as it allows the companies that design and sell the product to continue designing the next generation of product without the headache of trying to manufacture. With a surface mount capacity of just under 500,000 placements per day, Trojan still has lots of room for more work, and once this is full, it will continue to invest in capital equipment.