The firm originated from a request by the Italian company Towelight Srl to take up the challenge of globalising the distribution of its lighting products. In 1999, the firm was appointed exclusive worldwide distributors of the small Italian manufacturer (which only sells in its home market). It was decided to adopt the same name for branding purposes but Towerlight PLC is a separate Welsh company. The challenges faced at start-up were convincing customers to change from a more traditional lighting tower to the firm’s more modern, innovative and cost-effective offering.

Success Factor

The main success factors are new innovative products that were not available in the market before they were developed by the firm; experience in dealing with large rental companies through its sister company Genset; specialist knowledge and the only lighting tower manufacturer with the ability to tailor-make products; and a growing European market for renting lighting towers due to health and safety issues.

The Future

Future plans include having a dedicated European-based sales team to help sell to the large European rental companies. Towerlight is the market leader in the UK through Genset and wants to replicate that share in mainland Europe. The firm is also developing other products that it can sell to the same customers e.g. a range of engine driven pumps, mobile welfare units with built in generators, and fuel/water bowsers. Towerlight will also work with other manufacturers in a strategic alliance to develop new products that can be sold to its existing market.