Tandem Transport Services


Tandem Transport was set up by Vincent Brickley and Gregg Griffiths, in 1998, to satisfy the demanding requirements of one Customer, (Styropack UK) and has undertaken all of their transport since that date. Now employing in excess of 30 people we now have the expertise and benefit of dedicated Freight Supervisors who have more than 40 years experience in the industry and share our belief in customer satisfaction and delivery performance. The company has over 80 years of combined experience within transport and during this time have undertaken all aspects of the transport industry, from the ground-up.

Success Factor

Tandem Transport Services has a number of advantages over other companies. The firm operate vehicles which are mainly less than 2 years old, sharing over 50 curtain sided trailers which are mainly new. The trailers are all 13.6 metre (45’) long and are at least 4.4 metre (14’7") overall height allowing an internal height of a minimum of 2.90 metres (9’4").

The Future

All new trailers are specified to be pillar-less which allows for greater utilisation of the available space and helps in the loading/unloading process. It also guarantees trailers to be weatherproof, an agreed size, and no transhipment or mixing of goods will occur without the customer’s express permission. Local clients receive dedicated support for ‘just-in-time’ deliveries to ‘Brown and White Goods Customers’ in South Wales and the West Country.