SCT Holdings


SCT was incorporated in 1996 by a management team whose background and experience was within the manufacturing & it industries. Their expertise in running significant operations meant an understanding of the challenges and pressures that manufacturers were encountering and would increasingly face. Whilst recognising the conventional benefits of effective training in business improvement techniques across teams & individuals, a new approach was needed to ensure that these programmes were augmented to each individual firm.

Success Factor

Service and innovation are the two important factors that SCT focus upon. If the focus is on service and quality then revenue will follow. Innovation comes from expertise, listening to your customers and responding to their future business drivers. Securing key customer contracts and the management and development of its client base are also important to the business, especially as SCT’s best marketers are its customers. Finally, key managerial appointments across all operations -finance, sales, IT, support, project management & development – has been crucial, and recruitment and development of staff who are motivated by service delivery & innovation has driven the company’s success.

The Future

2005 sees the addition of two new products to the Talk Training portfolio, namely a Commercial Training Schedule of public courses and the TALK Corporate Academy which offers a choice of discounted business solutions for an annual fee. SCT is well positioned to make further inroads into the UK marketplace organically and acquisitively. For Wasp IT, it will be developing and building on the business SCT has established in Wales and offering its services to SMEs across the UK. Wasp IT’s managed ERP service also appeals to many industry verticals so expect to see growth here to complement the offering to manufacturing firms.