Safety media


The company identified was a gap in the health and safety market for reasonably priced safety training videos. With most videos selling for between £300 and £900, Safety Media entered the market with a video for £99. The video was well received, so Safety Media started producing further titles. The main challenge facing the company was that there were a number of existing well established video providers who although more expensive, were very well known and used in the market. Safety Media overcame this hurdle by having a constant stream of new product development combined with a superior quality product at a lower price point. This, combined with heavy spending on marketing have resulted in Safety Media becoming the leading health and safety video provider in the country.

Success Factor

By maintaining a high standard of quality products, customers have come to know what to expect from a Safety Media product. However, Safety Media has also provided good value training. Customers recognise this and this creates brand loyalty and extra sales through word of mouth. Finally,Safety Media hit the market just at the right time with e-learning. Just as awareness in e-learning was starting to rise, Safety Media released the classroom version of the software using interactive handsets which has kept Safety Media two steps ahead of the competition.

The Future

Safety Media has an ongoing new product development programme. It is currently moving into PDA software and is having great success with its first product, ‘Risk Assessor PDA’. It is also developing further enhancements to its e-learning software. These are under tight security until they are released, but represent further areas where the firm can differentiate itself from competitors. It is also expanding into the multi-lingual market and three further . DVDs are being released in September with 20 subtitled languages on each. This not only expands the market in the UK, but also opens up the international market for Safety Media products. The firm is concentrating on distribution in the USA and visited the country in September to assess the level of opportunities.