S8080 was the result of a partnership between a well established design studio and a successful Swansea based software company. This partnership collaborated regularly on smaller projects until it was decided that the offering was of sufficient quality to tender for a major project – the National Assembly for Wales’ site – which the firm duly won. As it started to build its team – a diverse array of programmers, artists, designers and developers – S8080 needed more space and was one of the first companies to move into Technium 1 in Swansea’s SA1 development. The whole Technium project has worked very well for S8080, fantastic premises, an excellent support structure from the WDA and the chance to move in to Technium 2 when it outgrew its first unit. Whenever the firm has a business related issue, the first port of call is always the WDA, who have helped with everything from HR through to sales and marketing consultancy. No matter how ‘off the wall’ the ideas are, they can always quickly point the firm in the right direction. S8080 has had a very smooth ride and this is down to applying big business tactics, strategy and planning to a small business situation. It has never been afraid to spend money on improving business procedures, and this investment has allowed the firm to pitch for work alongside companies that have been around years longer (and it wins its fair share too).

Success Factor

S8080 has a talented, hard working team – most of the team has been with the company from the start, so they have seen S8080 grow through careful planning, well thought out procedures and genuine hard graft. Every person in S8080 takes ownership of their part of each project but gets feedback from everyone else. This results in well thought out, simple solutions of the highest quality. The creative and technical teams love what they do – and all of the staff feel lucky to work in this industry and they feel this is reflected in the work. In addition, sublime customer service has been the most important factor contributing to growth. The firm just treats everybody as they would like to be treated themselves – it’s so simple! Every part of business processes has been designed to be client friendly and transparent and this is worked on daily. S8080 makes clients’ lives as easy as possible – it’s just part of the way the company does things - less stress for the client and less stress for the team. Finally, S8080 spends so much time marketing for clients that it is very difficult to find the time to do it for the company. The whole team has worked incredibly hard on the marketing strategy over the past 12 months and are seeing results. The secret is to remain focussed – to ask what is required from each element of the marketing activity and to stay on track. A lot of smaller organisations don’t have a plan in place and just throw money at inappropriate communications

The Future

Currently, every member of the S8080 team touches every project that the firm works on and this should not be lost. It’s important for a client to be able to phone up and speak to someone that knows about their project. A larger team may boost turnover and profit, but the team feels that the friendships built with clients would suffer. Clients come to S8080 for this friendly, professional service and the team would not feel comfortable maintaining this level of service with 30 or 40 people. The aim is to create a friendly, lean and efficient business – the kind that the team would enjoy working with on a day to day basis - the age of flabby, mediocre businesses is long past. The company plans to continue building very high quality, stylish but accessible websites and helping its clients communicate with their clients in a focussed and cost effective way. S8080 works in a fast moving and exciting sector and everyone enjoys their job - it’s hard work, but it’s fun.