Line Management Services


The original idea came as British Rail was setting up for privatisation and shedding staff to make it a more attractive proposition for the buyers. The directors started a register of key personnel and formed Line Management Services Ltd (L.M.S.Ltd). The firm originally looked for support to set up the business from the banks but all they were interested in was the value of the directors’ houses. So the business started off in the front room of a house and the directors used their own money to fund the start up. It was very difficult to break into an old industry like the railways where everyone seemed to know each other and outsiders were not welcome. Potential clients were contacted and were asked where their problem areas were, and the company then came back with a solution and a price. Slowly, LMS gained a reputation for solving problems and, as most of its workforce had years of experience, for the quality and expertise of the staff supplied. The firm gained prestigious contracts like the Heathrow Terminal Four Extension, where it supplied train drivers, shunters, rail movement controllers and various other staff.

Success Factor

The three key factors in the success of LMS have been REALLY listening to customers requirements, supplying only quality personnel that understand the job as the employees are the firm’s best ambassadors and get it more work, and visiting customers regularly and building relationships.

The Future

To continue to be known as the best in the industry and to grow steadily. Over the years, LMS has changed with the needs of the industry and will continue to do so. LMS is now one of the main suppliers of Machine & Crane Controllers in the country and this side of the business will continue to grow. There are several long tem contracts for Safety Critical Personnel in the offering and starting soon, so this will continue to be the mainstay of the firm’s expansion.