Henstaff Construction


The start up problems included getting known, balancing limited funds to ambitions and finding the right staff. Topping the Fast Growth 50 in 2001 helped with exposure in the market place. The firm has never had a ‘hire and fire’ attitude so has been held back by recruiting conservatively. Now in its 9th year, Henstaff has developed its niche as refurbishment contractors. It has the same difficulties as most small businesses with hands on hard working directors – there is need to delegate more to allow the directors to concentrate on growing the business whilst not losing control. To achieve this, the business has developed its systems and is focussed on training and developing the workforce

Success Factor

The reasons behind the growth of the company include repeat business from satisfied clients, which now accounts for 50% of the firm’s workload. That satisfaction comes from staff and their ability to produce quality work safely and on time. There has always been an emphasis on profit rather then just turnover, and the business has been consistently profitable and has re-invested to fund developments and the ability to handle larger profits. Finally, much of Henstaff’s work is won by competitive tender, and it is won not by being the cheapest but by using experience and expertise to work smarter.

The Future

Henstaff aims to continue to develop its staff to maximise their potential and to remain focussed on safety, quality and delivering on time. It will continue to re-invest profits so that property development can keep pace with contract work and increase turnover in a controlled way to £5million per annum (but without losing profitability).