Emyr Evans


Emyr Evans was a full time farmer in Pentrefoelas where he started to buy the odd tractor or two and selling it on. One tractor developed in two tractors and business just developed from there. Problems such as cashflow occurred as the business grew and it became hard for Emyr to balance work between the farm and the new business. The end result was Emyr leaving the family run farm business to concentrate on the tractors. It is remarkable that the business has flourished given the challenges such as BSE and foot and mouth that have hit the agricultural sector hard in the last few years.

Success Factor

The company has been grown through hard work and devotion, with Emyr and his family, supported by their staff, putting everything into the business. Emyr’s long interest and knowledge of tractors has also ensured that the company can buy and sell tractors whatever their age and condition to different markets throughout the world. Another very important aspect of the business is that the expertise within the company ensures its sells the right product to the right customer. Finally, the choice of Massey Ferguson as the franchiose partner has ensured that Emyr Evans a’i Gwmni Cyf have been the leading choice of tractors for farmers over the past years. Their commitment in developing their products and the support given when needed has no doubt assisted the a company to win the market share in North Wales year after year.

The Future

The long awaited expansion project at Gaerwen in Anglesey is now under way and the company aims to build on this. In addition, new franchises are making a difference – Foir example the Terex franchise for construction equipment was taken over three years ago and the company envisages a large gap in the construction equipment market which needs to be filled. This will be done by a vigorous marketing campaign which may include open days and advertising in specialist journals. Fendt is the recent franchise that firm has taken on and have a presence in North wales for the first time.. Fendt offer a range of tractors with superior build quality and technology which excels all other manufacturers, and this is a new and exiting challenge for Emyr Evans a’i Gwmni Cyf.