EMC Services


The Company was started by its Director Neil Alexander, who has considerable experience within the industry over a number of years in the public and private sectors. In 2001, he felt the timing was right to establish EmC Services. Gradually through the first year he secured various medium sized contracts, which enabled the company to recruit a small work force and establish the name of EmC Services within the industry.

Success Factor

The strength of EMC Services lies in both the expertise and the experience of its management and its industrial staff, many of who have now worked as a team since the company was established. This combination has produced a high level of integrity within the management combined with high quality workmanship throughout the company. The staff are well motivated and are encouraged to take on extra responsibility. This, in turn, has led to EMC Services becoming a well-established and respected company whose reputation alone has secured many contracts and attracted high profile clients. The company has a diverse client base encompassing both the public and private sectors which has given it a broad operating base and enabled expansion to take place on a number of different areas of expertise. It has also enabled the company to spread the risk involved without compromising its overall financial structure

The Future

The future plans are to continue to expand the business over the next four years using the same strategy adopted over the past four years. It will also consider the possibility of expanding the geographical area covered, moving further in to Mid and South Wales. To enable the firm to undertake this expansion, it has already embarked on a training programme which is designed to equip our in-house staff with the skills and expertise to progress within the company structure into middle management. The firm also has an active programme which involves employing and training its own apprentice electricians to enable it to produce staff to the highest level that is required and that clients have come to expect. EmC believes that the investment in such an approach will benefit both the company and the individuals concerned.