The business was originally established as a joint venture between the two main shareholding companies for a 6 month trail period to market test the potential for introducing ruggedised computers into the UK market. This period was successful enough to persuade the firms to formalise the arrangement. Main challenges have been in persuading companies that there is a difference between the cost and the value of products. Also, initially, balancing the need to engage in long term arrangements with large defence and government bodies where sales may be 3-4 years away with the need to develop shorter term cashflow enhancing relationships with smaller customers. The last main issue was in establishing trust with potential customers that the products could perform as described.

Success Factor

The company has been successful largely because it offers flexible solutions, regular product updates and enhancements. It puts maximum effort into providing excellent product support and has put providing customer satisfaction first and foremost. It seems to be one of the few companies that really believes keeping existing customers happy is at least as important as finding new ones.

The Future

Terralogic’s future plans is to further develop its "small to medium size" customer base and to recruit extra resources to expand our work with larger contracts and tender opportunities. Its product support facilities will also be growing and it has some innovative products for the environmental and emergency services markets that it is currently designing which it is intending bringing to market over the next 6-9 months.