JJ Maintenance


The company started from started from ashes of a previous business and, like many other start-ups faced major challenges such as money constraints, confidence of suppliers, confidence of customers, and, most importantly, confidence in themselves. Availability of labour was a difficulty as qualified personnel were very difficult to obtain, mainly because of the demise of apprenticeships.

Success Factor

The three main factors in the success of JJ maintenance have been assistance from HSBC Bank, the establishment of proper business and customer structures, and the achievement of personal contracts as a result of the confidence of customers in the operation.

The Future

The company has established a new venture that is developing facilities management and now has a plumbing business in operation. The growth of electrical side of the business is also on going and there are high hopes for a contract with London Underground. Not surprisingly with the expected growth of company, some cash problems are expected but the business is in discussion with bank to overcome this.