HHF Sales Aid


The founding Director, Howard Ross, has over twenty years experience in the finance industry. Mark Crook, Sales Director, also has a vastly experienced vendor leasing background. Together, they have sought to create a one-stop shop for asset funding in Wales and the West. Constant reinvestment into the business, particularly in technology, has allowed sustained growth from the early years. Whilst one of the many challenges faced as a growing company in a fast moving economy is recruitment to a specialised industry, HHF’s growth has occurred primarily through the internal drive of the organisation without external support.

Success Factor

The main factors in the firm’s growth has been its ability to fund any type of asset, from £1,000 IT systems to £1million production lines, many of which traditional banks would not consider funding due to zero residual values. Also, the ability to give customers open-ended credit facilities which they are able to draw down in line with their ongoing requirements has given the business a great deal of success. Another major contributing factor has been the tax advantages provided to customers by HHF’s various finance products, allowing them a tax-efficient finance option which does not interfere with existing bank facilities. Growth has been sustained by continuity of staff, with low staff turnover and loyalty from a committed team of individuals and specialists.

The Future

To sustain growth in this volatile industry, HHF will continue to embrace technology with investment. Growth cannot be continued without people, so the founders are constantly looking to find individuals who can meet the ethos of the company. As turnover levels increase, HHF aims to grow geographically, increasing its ability to manage clients all over the country. It is anticipated that with national vendor programmes, growth will be dramatic in the next five years and the business has a turnover target in excess of £30 million per annum within three years.