Equipdata - Industrial Pipework Services


The company was originally formed in 1994 as a partnership between Mr Wayne Bushen and Mr Geoffrey Churton to carry out small jobs for Welsh Water, Allied Bakeries and other local companies. The major challenges were expanding their initial client base and achieving continuity of work. The company decided to concentrate on the food and water industry and in a short space of time became a preferred supplier to many of its new client base.

Success Factor

The three main success factors for the business have been quality of products, efficiency of manufacturing and reliability of service. As a result of this, and the help of skilled management and workforce, Industrial Pipework Services has built a reputation for completing quality products on schedule

The Future

The company will strive to improve its high level of service and commitment to its existing client base and expand on this to provide the same service to future clients. It will also invest in the expansion of its present workshop and office facilities, and in the continual training of its entire workforce.