Philmor Rail Ltd


The company was formed in October 1996 and was buying and selling goods into Africa for the first two years. During late 1998, the company employed its first employee other than Adrian Phillips, Managing Director. During the early years, considerable time was spent on overseas enquiries with little gained and now the company has stopped all African trading and trades only with the UK rail industry.

Success Factor

The company’s growth has been aided by the sudden growth within the UK rail industry following the Hatfield train crash. Philmor Rail is also very innovative compared with competitors, which has resulted in many products selling themselves. This is not surprising, as Philmor has always put a high priority on delivering a quality product and service to its customers.

The Future

In the future, the business aims to maintain and increase market share at every opportunity, continue to innovate within the UK especially (with Network Rail’s) drive for innovation, and expand into other countries.