Peter Jeffreys – Medinet’s managing director - first thought of the concept behind Medinet in 1993 but the political environment was not right to launch the company at this stage. When the waiting list targets came into force in 1999/2000, this widened the distance between the public and private healthcare sectors, leaving a significant gap in the market for Medinet to fill. As a new business, Medinet’s initial challenge was to establish itself in the market place as a reliable, reputable company that could provide a valuable service to NHS Trusts. This was quickly achieved through good salesmanship and a strong emphasis on delivering results.

Success Factor

The increasing pressure from the government in England to reduce waiting lists has led to a significant growth for Medinet. NHS Trusts have become more innovative and open minded in their methods of tackling waiting lists as a result. Good salesmanship and relationship building also played an important role in the company’s growth and the number of NHS Trusts working with the company grew significantly. Equally as important was the delivery of results. Meeting targets as promised is a crucial part of what Medinet does.

The Future

Immediate plans include expanding the business and further establishing Medinet as the market leader in waiting list reduction. Long term, Medinet is keen to branch out into other areas of healthcare including health screening and scanning and there are also aspirations to run a group of hospitals under the Medinet service.