Insect Investigations


The company has been through a number of changes during its history. It started life as a sole tradership in the Bristol area in 1989, but moved to Cardiff as a limited company under University ownership in 1994. The company then went through an MBO from Cardiff University, a spin-out, and a relocation to the Capital Business Park at Wentloog. The major challenges at this point were to establish a good reputation as an independent company, manage all our own costs, and to go out and bring in the work.

Success Factor

The three main success factors for the business have been an excellent and flexible team; rapid and high quality turnaround of projects; and continuous communication with sponsors, especially with regard to marketing.

The Future

The company does not rest on its laurels and has recently entered a few new business areas (e.g. regulatory affairs) and is actively considering others. It feels strongly that it is putting in several building blocks, each with extremely high growth potential. So, the aims are building on core areas with continued excellence and export led growth, expansion into new areas, and investing in its people.