Established in 1997, the company builds on the family traditions of the Lloyd family, which has been involved with land and property for more than 100 years. In the first couple of years, Eatonfield faced many of the same problems as many other new start-up companies such as cashflow, although this is especially acute within the property industry as there is usually a long time period between the purchase and sale of property.

Success Factor

Eatonfield’s success is very much related to the sector it operates in and involves acquiring properties at the right price, and adding value to those properties by way of refurbishment and letting out vacant space to cerate income. The change in planning use – such as a site moving from being one designated for industrial use to residential or retail – has also helped the business develop its portfolio.

The Future

Eatonfield aims to continue to add other properties to its existing portfolio and therefore generate more income. In particular, the business aims to develop Eatonfield Homes and Eatonfield Leisure into market leaders. The company is very ambitious and want to keep adding value to its property portfolio. It is also aiming to hit the £1 million profit barrier within the next two years of trading. Finally, the firm wants to employ key staff as development surveyors and project managers to develop the company further