Body Image and Accessory Box


The business originally started in 1988 as a partnership but in 1999, the partnership was severed and the current owner, Ronni Maclaren, faced the prospect of securing employment for existing members of staff, continuing to pay the eight year lease on the premises and the daily running costs. It was also critical to secure the goodwill of the company’s suppliers and the retail customers and the shop had to be completely restocked with goods and refurbished. During this time, Ronni had limited funding, a young family to raise and new members of staff to recruit and train. As the main beauty therapist in Body Image with over 30 years’ experience, it was essential for the cashflow of the business that she kept her full quota of appointments.

Success Factor

The main priority of the business is to ensure a high standard of customer service and satisfaction. The firm has invested in new advanced therapeutic beauty equipment to be competitive in a very fast growing business sector and has also ensured that its retail stock reflects the latest fashion trends. Finally, Ronni’s strong determination and personal commitment to succeed has been a key driving force behind the firm’s growth and she of the strong opinion that she would never promote or sell anything that she does not herself personally believe in.

The Future

Body Laser intends to purchase new premises for the business to increase its assets. It also intends to train more personnel to accommodate the growth in the business and to invest in more new technology to keep up with current industry advancements. In this way, the business can keep one step ahead of its competitors in what is an aggressive and fast growing market.