Summerhill Community Care


Summerhill Community Care Ltd and Castleton Homecare Services operated separately, but started trading at the same time. They both started off being run from Nursing Homes (Summerhill Nurshing Home and Castleton Nursing Home). In 1999 Castleton Nursing was sold to a large company who owned a number of Nursing homes. Along with the home, the homecare business was sold. The large company went into receivership and sold Castleton Homecare Services back to Lesley Edwards. By then Helen Edwards and Hillary Hawer had left to work for Summerhill Community Care Ltd. As Lesley Edwards didn’t want to run Castleton on her own, she merged it with Summerhill.

Success Factor

Whilst the merger of Summerhill Community Care Ltd and Castleton Homecare Services was key to its current success, there are a number of different factors that have enabled Summerhill to grow as a business. First of all, the decision by the Government to invest in keeping people in their own homes has expanded the market for the firm, but growth could not have been achieved without good teamwork and strong leadership

The Future

The first step will be gradual expansion in all current areas and moving east geographically towards the Severn Bridge. Summerhill is also looking to buy small similar businesses looking to sell at a reasonable prices – the firm is currently negotiating to buy another homecare business at present.