Established in 1979 by Wynne Melville Jones to provide public relations services for public bodies, private companies and voluntary organisations in Wales; based on an understanding of Wales, its people and organisations. As a one man band, the company had to compete directly with established agencies but knowledge of what makes Wales tick and how various organisations interact was a clear advantage in quickly establishing a niche market. Credibility in the market place was an issue, being based in rural Wales. Since StrataMatrix was established, Wales has evolved; S4C was born, the Welsh Language Act became law and the National Assembly has changed the history of Wales forever. StrataMatrix has grown in parallel with these key developments in Wales.

Success Factor

Stratamatrix has a dedicated, committed, and enthusiastic team and several members of the team have been with the company for many years. More recent appointments have brought an injection of fresh, new, creative talent to complement and enhance the existing team. This is the single most important factor in the success of the business. Another key issue was a sound development strategy based on recognising and building on the USP’s of the company. For example, StrataMatrix has an in depth knowledge of Wales and how it works and this is what makes the company what it is, enabling the provision of expert advice and guidance. Finally, the effective use of technology has streamlined StrataMatrix’ way of working, resulting in a more efficient workplace, improved service to clients and the development of new products and services.

The Future

Over the years, StrataMatrix has pioneered numerous bilingual communications projects and strives to develop an intelligent and confident approach in the use of both languages in Wales. Quality design and copywriting are essential ingredients in effective communication. The Company aims to avoid direct translation and to produce copy written in both languages to target linguistic groups in the most effective way offering a more mature approach to bilingualism. More and more organisation are realising the benefits of this. StrataMatrix’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of Wales is being appreciated by companies and organisations outside Wales and an increasing amount of work is being commissioned by clients outside Wales. Working in association with Citigate Public Affairs StrataMatrix provides an extended political service in Westminster and Brussels and works from offices in Aberystwyth and Cardiff with representatives also based in North and West Wales. These developments will lead to new products and services in response to an evolving Wales.