South Wales Food Laboratory Ltd


The company was formed by I Laing in 1986 as a direct result of a Marks and Spencer initiative which was to eliminate the risk of cross contamination of a manufacturing site from pathogenic bacteria that may be cultured in an on-site laboratory facility. M & S pressed for laboratories handling pathogenic bacteria to be either moved to an of-site location or a sub-contract laboratory used to perform the analysis. I Laing was technical manager for a local egg processing company who had an on-site laboratory and was producing for Marks and Spencer food manufacturing companies therefore falling under the above initiative. A joint decision was made to form a new company who would independently analyse the egg companies samples in new external premises using equipment purchased from the egg company. This was the birth of South Wales Food Laboratory (SWFL).SWFL then went on to steadily expand its scope of services and customer base over the following years. It currently carries out analysis for over 70 companies in south Wales.

Success Factor

The main factor that has resulted in the growth of SWFL is the increased public awareness of food safety and nutritional/dietary requirements. This, along with several food safety scares and an increasing amount of food legislation and regulation mean an increased requirement for the type of service offered by the firm.

The Future

The business aims for continued expansion with a move to a purpose built larger facility in the medium term.