Shropshire Leisure


The premises were built and company run by local builder and the garden centre commenced trading in march 1998 and was expanded in July 2000 with the opening of pub/restaurant/playden and the motel. The main challenge at start-up was how to market the new ventures – being a private company with no brand name, no national booking system for motel. There were also issues in recruiting quality staff (especially due to lack of public transport from rural areas) and no trade credit as a new company

Success Factor

The three main factors for Shropshire Leisure’s success are an excellent reputation due to quality products at reasonable prices, knowledgeable staff due to regular training and continued investment by the owner.

The Future

There are plans to expand the floor space of the garden centre by nearly 100% and increase the aquatic area substantially. The restaurant will increase from 85 to 170 seats and considering increasing the number of rooms, small conference facilities and provide a gym, pub and restaurant. The turnover increase for the current year should be about 30%, and the business will continue to provide value for money and employ local business.