SCT (UK) Ltd


Established in 1996 (and subsequently taken over in a management buy out in the summer of 1999), it has quickly grown to become one of the largest business consultants in Wales and indeed is the leading training provider to manufacturing organisations in Wales. Its increasing presence in the South West of England and the Midlands has led to its change of name.

Success Factor

According to the firm, the continuous growth of the business is down to the wide experience and skills base of its management and staff, its unique approach to consultancy and its ability to effectively manage the improvement process with proven production techniques

The Future

SCT have continued to grow by increasing their workforce to 58 in 2001.They have continued their expansion into the English market with notable clients in Somerset, Hampshire, Devon and Bristol.Their most noteworthy accomplishment has been the company’s successful application for European Funding under the ESF and ERDF to deliver an outsourced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution with all associated hardware, software, infrastructure and training to manufacturing SMEs that lie within the Objective One area. Turnover for this year is forecast to be at £4.5 million, a rise of 93%.