Safety Media Ltd.


The firm was set up in November 1995 by William Roberts and was originally known as Safety Videos. It was founded to provide cost effective Health and Safety training that would be within the financial reach of any company. Turnover has increased year on year since its inception

Success Factor

The last three years has seen the hard work invested in previous years come to fruition. The company has invested heavily in marketing and PR in Health and Safety Magazines, and has frequently used mailshots to build a strong brand presence. As a result of this targeted approach, Safety Media has achieved the status of being the premier Health and Safety video provider in the country.

The Future

Over the last 12 months the Company has evolved with successfully selling Safety Videos by direct mail, and is now a safety education provider through all modern IT methods. The Company has also successfully launched an innovative and very competitively priced web-training site – . Many large companies have already shown interest in this site and have a custom-made intranet model manufactured specially for them. Eight new safety videos releases have been made in the last 18 months, with 5 relaunched and upgrades of previous titles and the firm also now manufactured safety training booklets and safety posters. Safety Media is now a member of the British Safety Council and are soon to commence building a brand new 3000 sq.ft. custom-made office with an editorial suite for video production and IT rooms for further software development.