Mr Stephen Tibbats originally started the company 13 years ago with the backing of two additional shareholders. The company initially dealt in consumable packaging materials and had relatively instant success in its chosen field. With that success came obvious competition and the foresight of the company was to branch out into similar yet diversified markets. The company grew to supply more technical products and soon took the decision to enter into the converting side of the industry. The death of Mr Tibbats and his replacement Mr Phil Causer recently, has had obvious knock effects to the business. That said, Mr Tibbatts’ son Alick has taken over as Managing Director of the company since January 2002 and has grown the company beyond all expectations to record the company’s’ best financial results since its beginnings some 13 years ago.

Success Factor

The main growth factors for Packstat are the commitment and hard work of all employees of the company, the flexibility and customer service that the company offers, and the foresight and constant use of new technology to meet customers’ needs and requirements to the highest levels.

The Future

The company plans to extend its current conversion facilities and distribution plant to meet customers demand. The Managing Director, Mr Alick Tibbats plans to continue to look to the future for new and innovative markets that will add to the companies growing portfolio. The business is committed to continual investment and growth and sees itself as an application solver and attempts to work with companies to reduce their purchasing costs.