Integra Office Solutions


Integra was formed in December 1996 by the merger of two former buying and marketing groups, Instant Group Ltd and the NDA/Dealer Alliance Ltd. The company was started to enable the independent office products dealer to compete with large contract stationers and power channels in the industry. One of the major challenges faced by the company was merging the two different identities into one.

Success Factor

Integra is regarded as the largest buying and marketing group in the UK and Ireland and attributes its growth to the recruitment of additional members and the organic growth of existing members. Growth of EOS has occurred as a result of a dedicated warehouse and distribution and in mid-1999, Integra launched the initiative own brand product range that has proved to be particularly successful. IT has also become vital to the day to day running of the business and features strongly in the firm’s business planning for the future. However, Integra’s main strength lies in the quality and strength of the people who work for the company and IT provides the backbone that helps to ensure the company is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Future

Following on from being awarded a Hewlett Packard distributorship award and a distribution deal with Brother Integra intend to further expand their EOS offering. In addition, further enhancements to the on-line ordering systems will be undertaken to capitalise on opportunities in this channel. The company also plans to broaden its product range and to evaluate possible acquisition and merger opportunities in order to secure the future competitiveness of their member companies and the strength of Integra. The firm was awarded OTN (Office Trade News) Dealer Group of the Year 2000 and the Initiative own brand win the industry Marketing Excellence Award 2001. It is also establishing the Initiative Business Academy for the training of members and Integra’s own staff as well as the development of an online training website.