GAP Personnel


GAP was established in Wrexham in 1997, originating from three people being in the same place at the same time with a good idea, which resulted in their first major client - Wrexham Council. The firm quickly grew to a turnover of £1million within twelve months, gaining thirty key clients.

Success Factor

The key to the success of GAP Personnel is the fact that it has become more people focussed and The firm has recently appointed a full time human resources manager and put together a benefits package for its employees. The firm success is based on real commitment by a dedicated team to understand and respond to recruitment needs, concentrating on service and tailoring individual solutions for clients’ requirements. Temporary staff are trained prior to being supplied to clients, thus achieving a seamless transition into the workplace and enhancing productivity.

The Future

GAP continues to grow as a business and currently has over 400 clients and a turnover of £10 million in 2002. The firm continues to identify strongly with the region and has recently become a sponsor of Wrexham FC. In terms of marketing, the firm has changed its name from GAP Recruitment to GAP personnel, to reflect, more accurately, the firm’s position as the leading recruitment agency in North West England and the ability to offer a services across a wide range of employment sectors. The logo and identity was also changed to communicate the image of a progressive, modern highly approachable business