Fatra (UK) Ltd


The relationship with Fatra AS began in 1996 when Ken Douglas and a colleague went to the Czech Republic hoping to source a manufacturer for products to be sold in the UK. They were introduced to Fatra AS, reached agreement with them and formed Fatra UK in March 1997 to act as their sole representative in this country.

Success Factor

Clearly Fatra’s past success is down to the quality of goods being produced, together with the fact that it is only manufacturer of PVC products to have been awarded the ISI 14001 environmental certificate, which puts the firm ahead of our competitors. Fatra has also, in the past year, been accredited with a BBA Certificate, which will give confidence to buyers throughout the UK. The directors believe that they have a unique approach within their business, in that they manufacture the products and supervise the instalment of them, which ensures that the quality in the factory is transferred to on-site locations. Fatra is also making itself better known within the marketplace by recruiting more Sales and Technical staff.

The Future

The business hopes, in the coming 2-3 years, to cover the whole of the UK and establish Fatra as one of the leaders in its field. Ken Douglas, managing director, anticipates that future growth will continue at the percentage rates experienced over the last few years helped by the increase in Sales and Technical team.