DCA Consultants


Managing Director David Clarke established the company in 1995. Our major challenges were the development of a distinctive brand in a crowded market place, and the need to invest in research and the development of our products in the face of pressure to deliver projects. As the business has grown, it has been very difficult to identify the right kind of business partner for the joint delivery of larger projects. The firm operates in a market with many small specialist companies and a few large consulting players. DCA has grown fast as a smaller company but need to make the leap from small to bigger, and the identification of a sustainable strategy for this has been difficult. The firm has consistently found it difficult to prioritise marketing and the celebration of successful projects and know that it could now win many times more work than it can handle if the draft marketing strategy was in place. However, DCA need to plot a pattern of business growth that will enable it to cope with the next growth stage.

Success Factor

DCA’s reputation for the excellence and practical focus of its work is a key reason for the growing reputation of the business. Also, the careful building of business alliances and positive relationships with others working in target sectors (and often with competitors) have also helped the firm develop, along the creation of innovative tools and ways of working that offer clear added value to clients over the products on offer from competitors

The Future

DCA are just beginning to face up to the opportunities for next stage growth – with a potential growth from 10 to 25 staff over the next five years – including the opening of offices in England and possibly on the European mainland. Once the managers can identify either an internal growth plan, or a potential merger or partnership route to this growth, they can set in train the draft marketing strategy to secure new levels of work and turnover.