Previously involved with the housing department of Cardiff City Council, Peter James - the Managing Director of Cintec - understood many of the structural problems associated with old and new structured whilst appreciating the limitations of the remedial solutions existing at the time. Therefore identifying an opportunity in the marketplace, Cintec International Ltd was established in 1996 to produce a range of structural anchors. In 1991, the company acquired the world-wide rights to an anchor system founded on a simple but effective design and which has subsequently been developed and refined to meet the highly diverse requirements of civil engineering in the fields of strengthening and preservation. The basic concept is simple but the engineering and drilling techniques required are very sophisticated but now there is an ever-expanding range of applications, continually growing as new research opens new avenues. In the beginning, the main challenge encountered by Cintec was in convincing structural engineers to adopt the new unfamiliar remedial method. However this inertia was soon overcome once the Cintec system proved itself to engineers with practical solutions for real projects.

Success Factor

The success of Cintec can in major part be attributed to the research and development that has gone into what is a relatively simple design. Beginning as a simple wall tie, the Cintec anchor now has numerous other applications. It is used to strengthen buildings against the effects of earthquakes, the effects of explosions and impacts as well as to strengthen bridges to name but a few. The ambition of Cintec to expand internationally has also been a factor in its success and the Cintec anchor can be found as far a field as the Christchurch Cathedral in New South Wales, Australia, Al Ghouri mosque in Cairo – Egypt, The Terminal Tower, Cleveland – USA and the Houses of Parliament in Ottawa – Canada. The success of Cintec’s application for the reinforcement of masonry arch bridges known as ARCHTEC has also played a significant contribution in recent years. There are now almost one hundred bridges in the United Kingdom that have been reinforced with ARCHTEC and the product has proved very popular with local authority bridge engineers throughout the country.

The Future

Cintec intends to continue its expansion by developing further international links which will open up greater opportunities around the world. Furthermore commitment to research and development is providing new opportunities through innovative new applications that include parapet wall reinforcement, seismic strengthening, and structural security.