Celtic Kilncare


Celtic Killncare started as a specialist off shoot from its sister company Celtic Process Control Ltd [No 50 in the FG50 2002 list] by undertaking repair and calibration of kilns temperature control instrumentation and replacement of heating elements. This progressed to the updating of existing educational kilns to bring them into compliance with current Health & Safety Legislation.The biggest challenge was to bring awareness to the Schools, Colleges, Prisons etc that there was a statutory obligation to have their pottery equipment, Inspected, Tested and Certified at least once a year by independently accredited specialist engineers.

Success Factor

Major growth factors have been the reduction in cost in real terms of purchasing and operating "new era top loading" kilns that have consequently opened up a new market in Primary Schools and Hobby Potters. Also, the statutory legislation that requires electrical pottery equipment to be regularly inspected and maintained by accredited "competent" engineers has resulted in a new market niche opening for the business. However, this could not have been developed without the flexible and co-operative attitude to growth and change from the entire "Kilncare Team" combined with their dedication and sheer hard work. Celtic Kilncare’s clients include approximately 50 City, County and County Borough Councils throughout Wales & England along with Government Agencies such as Hospitals, Social & Development Organisations and Prisons. Celtic Kilncare also provide the same services to Commercial, Studio and Hobby Potters.

The Future

Future plans include expanding service routes to cover Liverpool, Manchester, the East Midlands, West London and the provincial counties in between. The business has committed to developing the Investor in People Standards and are receiving support from ELWa – one of the FG50 sponsors – to continue training in Cross Skilling, Information Technology and Management Skills. However, the development of a web site is seen as key to the business as the internet will become a very important tool for the business but is not yet being exploited.