Buckles Holdings Ltd.


Established in 1973 and led by Nigel Spiers, Buckles is one of the real successes of the Fast Growth 50 project, being one of only four businesses that have appeared on the listings since 1999.

Success Factor

The success of Buckles can be attributed to a number of factors including its high commitment to specialist training - each member of staff is an expert within a particular department - and its heavy investment in IT over the past three years which has benefited both the advisers and the administration team. Buckles also provide a dedicated and personal service which clients appreciate.

The Future

Over the last 18 months, Buckles has constantly been recruiting high calibre financial advisers to join both the mortgage and investment sales teams across the country. The firm has also appointed a National Sales Director who brings with him a wealth of sales experience and knowledge in the financial services industry. Training has become a key issue and the business has dedicated more resources to developing staff. Regular ‘team days’ are organised that brings the entire sales force (30 advisors) together several times a year. In addition, lenders and life companies sponsor and assist the firm in developing its sales force by providing presentations and activities to improve their skills and knowledge about the markets and products .As well as these training days advisers have also been attending training courses.